Question N Answer of the Week

Hello, I just beat new game + for the first time and it looped me around to the beginning just like the original, but unlike the original all my gear was gone. I kept my level and abilities. Everything else is gone. Is this normal? Absolutely, this is normal as you will have the ability [...]

How Did You Take This Picture

How did u take this picture in topic NEW UPDATE OUT NOW, I wonder when the new IB2 update is release? Prior to the new infinity blade update I was fighting the MX Monolith, but had not defeated him yet, only just arrived.  I then exited the game and launched the update. Next I returned back [...]

How To Hack Money on Infinity Blade 2

Stackin’ chips has never been easier son, no you don’t need to go to college, just get this here Wu-Tang double CD and you’ll get all the education you need this year… Any how, let’s get to business, I’m all about my biziness/stay the huah out my mutha huah’n biziness…Now really, let’s get to it! [...]

How to Forge the Best Gems

Sup playas! Gettin’ late here in Cali, cool spring breeze, females gone home for the night so the big guy’s gonna get his Infinity Blade on! Lame huh? Yeah, couldn’t agree more… So prior to our Clashmobbin’ let’s dive in to a lil tip, something we stumbled upon just the other day, how to forge [...]

Who’s enjoying Clashmobs?

Anyone still playing Clashmobs? Tough to tell since the challenges are sparse these days, tells us competitors are dwindling, usage small, population depleting Clash Town… Do tell if you still partake.

How to Forge a Rainbow Defense Gem

Unicorns, 3 boobs, and women who find booger pickin’ dudes hot…well certainly not the latter, but all are fiction. Guess what else is not? Can you, eh, okay it’s the Rainbow Defense Gem. Rainbow Defense Gem Recipe Fire + Ice + Water = Light Shock + Poison + Wind = Dark 1. + 2. + [...]

Questions and Answers: New Game+

Question: How far along are you in the game how do i get to the new game+ or are you still figuring that out oh and know anybody who wants to join my clashmob? If you share your ID for Clashmob I’ll create an active list of users who want to team up and keep [...]