How to Forge the Best Gems

Sup playas! Gettin’ late here in Cali, cool spring breeze, females gone home for the night so the big guy’s gonna get his Infinity Blade on! Lame huh? Yeah, couldn’t agree more…

So prior to our Clashmobbin’ let’s dive in to a lil tip, something we stumbled upon just the other day, how to forge bomb bizzel gems. Funny, huh, a made up word.

How to forge pretty darn good gems

1. Wear gear which allows for Drop Gems, suit up these Drop Gems as often as you can

2. Acquire 7+ gems from sources like Clashmobs, chests, the store, foes, etc. Higher value the better son!

3. Use the gem forge and combine all the gems, at this time the max gold value is $500,000

4. Done right you’ll forge one hell of a gem, perhaps a Poison Attack +258 valued at the legendary $500,000 price point, not too shabby eh?

5. Technically, you’re done. In case you ask, “what shall I do?” Easy, two options, sell it or equip it — you choose!

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